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Asset Rentals concrete saws are versatile and essential tools used in various construction, demolition, and renovation projects. They are used for a range of purposes due to their ability to cut through concrete, asphalt, masonry, and other hard materials. Contact us today to rent a concrete saw to cut through some of the toughest jobs with ease!
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Lockable tool containers
Working platforms for telehandlers
Dumpsters for telehandlers
Buffing machine
Electric floor scraper
Heated pressure washer
Hydraulic concrete chain saw
Metal break

Dump trailers
Equipment trailers
Tile saws


What are concrete saws used for?

Cutting and Shaping Concrete: Concrete saws are primarily used for cutting concrete. They are employed to create precise cuts in slabs, walls, floors, and other concrete structures to accommodate utilities, expansion joints, or to shape the concrete as needed.
Demolition: In demolition projects, concrete saws are used to cut and remove sections of concrete. This can be for the purpose of removing and replacing damaged concrete or to dismantle old structures.
Utility Installation: When installing utility lines like water pipes, electrical conduits, or sewer lines, concrete saws are used to cut trenches or openings in existing concrete surfaces without disturbing the entire structure.
Asphalt Cutting: In road construction and maintenance, concrete saws are used to cut and repair asphalt surfaces. They are also used to create clean edges for asphalt patching.
Control Joints: Concrete saws are used to create control joints in concrete surfaces, which help control cracking and promote even shrinkage during the curing process.
Decorative Concrete Work: In decorative concrete applications, saws are used to create intricate patterns, designs, and textures on the concrete surface, such as decorative scoring and stamping.
Rescue Operations: In emergency situations, such as search and rescue operations, concrete saws can be used to cut through concrete and other materials to access trapped individuals or create escape routes.
Home Improvement: For homeowners, concrete saws can be useful for various DIY projects, such as cutting concrete pavers, bricks, or blocks for landscaping, building retaining walls, or creating custom countertops.
Construction and Renovation: In the construction industry, concrete saws are essential for a wide range of tasks, including cutting door and window openings, creating space for HVAC ducts, and modifying or repairing concrete structures.
Flooring and Tile Work: In flooring and tile installations, concrete saws are used to cut and remove old flooring materials or create openings for vents and access panels.
Industrial and Commercial Maintenance: In industrial and commercial settings, concrete saws are used to cut and repair concrete floors, walls, and structures to maintain safety and structural integrity.

Are concrete saws safe?

  1. Training and Familiarity: Operators should be adequately trained in the use of concrete saws. Familiarity with the specific saw model and its operating instructions is essential.

  2. Protective Gear: Always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses or goggles, hearing protection, a dust mask, and, most importantly, cut-resistant gloves. When cutting concrete, dust and debris can be harmful, and flying shards can pose a risk to your eyes.

  3. Respiratory Protection: Inhaling concrete dust can be harmful, so consider using a respirator or dust mask rated for the specific type of dust being generated.

  4. Footwear: Wear steel-toed boots with slip-resistant soles to protect your feet from falling objects and to maintain good traction.

  5. Clothing: Avoid loose-fitting clothing and jewelry that can become entangled in the saw’s moving parts.

  6. Work Area Preparation: Ensure the work area is well-ventilated to disperse dust and fumes. Clear the area of obstacles, and mark any hazards like buried utilities before starting the saw.

  7. Machine Inspection: Before use, check the concrete saw for any defects, loose components, or signs of wear. Ensure the blade is properly installed and tightened.

  8. Blade Selection: Choose the appropriate type and size of blade for the material you are cutting. Different blades are designed for cutting concrete, asphalt, masonry, or metal.

  9. Starting and Stopping: Start the saw on a level surface with the blade clear of any obstructions. Don’t engage the blade until you are ready to make the cut, and disengage it after completing the cut.

  10. Keep a Safe Distance: Maintain a safe distance from other workers and bystanders while using the saw. Ensure they are aware of the potential danger and stay clear.

  11. Operate in a Controlled Manner: Use a steady hand and controlled movements while cutting. Avoid forcing the saw, as this can increase the risk of kickback.

  12. Avoid Wet Conditions: Concrete saws should not be operated in wet conditions unless specifically designed for wet cutting. Water can create a slippery surface and cause electrical hazards.

  13. Fuel Safety: If using a gas-powered concrete saw, refuel the machine in a well-ventilated area, away from open flames or sparks.

  14. Maintain the Saw: Regularly inspect and maintain the saw, including keeping the blade sharp and the equipment in good working condition.

  15. Safety Interlock Features: Some concrete saws have safety features such as blade guards, automatic shutoffs, and ergonomic handles. Ensure these features are functioning properly.

Why must water be used when sawing concrete?

Water acts as a coolant and lubricant for the diamond impregnated blade and eliminates airborne dust.


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